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This is an extensive 4-month training program.  The first month will focus on teaching your dog basic obedience commands and collar conditioning while evaluating your dog’s personality and assessing potential capabilities.
The second month will consist of force fetch, more advanced obedience, and collar conditioning.  This month lays the foundation for all future field training.
During the third month, your dog will learn to be steady on marks with gunfire and introduced to short multiple retrieves on land and water.
In the fourth month, your dog will begin to bring it all together and experience realistic, simulated hunting situations. Your dog will be exposed to duck calls, gunfire, decoys, boats, blinds, etc., as well as retrieving shot ducks and pheasants in heavier cover with multiple water re-entries and diversions.


This is a 3-month training program offered to dogs that have completed the Started Program.  During these 3 months, your dog will learn more advanced tools and become much more efficient during hunts. They will learn how to handle (hand signals), run blind retrieves, and complete long double and triple retrieves on both land and water. They will also be introduced to concepts such as de-cheating, retired guns, walk-ups, diversions etc.


This is our most advanced program which is designed to create the once in a lifetime, ultimate hunting machine that every waterfowl hunter dreams of sharing a blind with. During this program, your dog will be taught to make long triple retrieves and run longer blinds with difficult factors, such as poison birds.  They will be taught to handle difficult hunting scenarios. If you’re fortunate enough to hunt over a dog that’s completed the Finished Program, it’ll spoil you!



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Trainer and owner of Canebrake Retrievers, Jason Daves, knows the importance and pride of hunting over a well-trained, obedient retriever and the bond created between a hunter and his dog.
Having trained performance gun-dogs for over 25 years, as well as having the opportunity to train with some of the best trainers in the country, Jason has the invaluable insight and experience needed to diagnose and overcome any training obstacle that your dog may face.
​In addition to his extensive training background, Jason is also an avid waterfowl hunter, having hunted all over North America for over 30 years. So, whether your field hunting in a layout blind in the North Dakota prairies or leaning your shoulder to a tree in Arkansas' Bayou Meto timber, he knows the exact situations you and your hunting partner will encounter.



Conveniently located just minutes from I-20 between Birmingham and Atlanta in Talladega, Al.  Our kennels were designed to accommodate no more than 5 dogs in training at one. This allows us to thoroughly dedicate our time to each client and their dog’s needs and goals.

Our covered 5 run kennel is securely located directly behind our home which allows us to closely monitor each dog. Each kennel is cleaned twice a day with the Wysiwash Sanatizing Spray System, which we highly recommend to everyone with concrete kennels. 

Each dog is housed in a clean, 5’ x 10’ spacious runs with concrete flooring, 24/7 video surveillance and a permanent roof over head.

canebrake retrievers kennel

At Canebrake Retrievers, we take great pride in providing a safe and clean learning environment for each dog entrusted to us.



Feel free to call or text us with any questions.

Telephone: 256-589-5272

Talladega, Alabama

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